Management Services

Management Services

Area Property Supervisors - Great-West utilizes Property Supervisors to  constantly review employee skills such as make-ready, maintenance, leasing, office administration skills, safety compliance, conduct and appearance. Along with these check points, Field Supervisors audit tenant files, property inventory, and on-site property funds.  We feel that these control factors are important to the effective management of the your asset.

Corporate Office Reporting - Great-West uses one of the most up-to-date property management software packages on the market today. Monthly financial reporting packages can be designed to fit your requirements. In addition to monthly financial reporting, all accounts payable and receivable items are handled by the corporate office. Accounting procedures such as bank reconciliations, vendor statements, rent reconciliations, delinquency status reports, and budgeting controls are all completed at the corporate office.

Eliminate Your Employer Liability - We will retain all employees needed for the smooth operation of your project. Your employees will be placed on our payroll and we will assume responsibility for them. This includes payroll tax reporting, employee policies, health benefits, workers compensation, discrimination disputes, drug screening, and criminal records checks.

Eliminate Your Annual 1099 Reporting Headaches - Great-West will open and maintain operating and security deposit accounts on your behalf. These accounts will be opened under our federal ID number, with Great-West responsible for all IRS reporting.

Volume Buying Power - Great-West has tremendous purchasing power due to the number of properties we manage. We are able to get the best prices for materials and have open accounts with the most competitive suppliers in town. We pass these savings on to you.

Other Services Include:

  • On-Site Policy and Guideline Procedures
  • Safety Manual and Procedures
  • Employee Manual and Guidelines
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Budgeting
  • Resident Selection Criteria
  • Tenant Retention Programs
  • Collection Management
  • Curb Appeal Programs
  • Property Marketing
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Unit Maintenance Histories
  • Traffic Reports
  • Market Surveys
  • Human Relations Specialists